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Medical Evaluations Specialist

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Medical Evaluations

Medical evaluations (also known as a physical) are performed to determine the overall health of an individual. Medical examinations are designed to be performed regularly, with the intention of picking up any potential early symptoms of serious illnesses, to evaluate a person’s risk factors for certain conditions and to hopefully prevent any avoidable future illness.

The National Institute of Health recommends that all adults, even those who appear healthy and aren’t suffering from any troubling symptoms, regularly have a physical. This will allow any potential issues to be picked up as early as possible and can prevent future health problems.

We will provide a range of tests for our patients to help assess your current physical well-being. This can include assessing risk factors for conditions which are common in your family history, looking at your medical history for any potential warning signs and determining your current state of physical health.

If necessary, we can provide suitable treatment for any conditions uncovered by your evaluation, or refer you to an appropriate specialist if we are unable to treat you.